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[IMG]05 Hmmm now what.JPG2019-01-21 13:20 369K 
[IMG]08 The Press.JPG2019-01-21 13:21 369K 
[IMG]38 Final .Steps.JPG2019-01-21 13:20 381K 
[IMG]12 Where the Wires Go.JPG2019-01-21 13:20 407K 
[IMG]45 Sunny Girl Countdown.JPG2019-01-21 13:21 420K 
[IMG]44 Inverter Diagnostics.JPG2019-01-21 13:21 420K 
[IMG]35 A Patch of Shade.JPG2019-01-21 13:20 427K 
[IMG]42 Last Screws.JPG2019-01-21 13:21 436K 
[IMG]41 Close Her Up.JPG2019-01-21 13:20 469K 
[IMG]49 It's Electricity.JPG2019-01-21 13:21 480K 
[IMG]40 Coming Down.JPG2019-01-21 13:20 484K 
[IMG]23 Song Break.JPG2019-01-21 13:20 487K 
[IMG]03 Huddles.JPG2019-01-21 13:20 488K 
[IMG]48 Watching the Meter.JPG2019-01-21 13:21 490K 
[IMG]43 Carlos Tests the Ground.JPG2019-01-21 13:21 494K 
[IMG]47 It Works!.JPG2019-01-21 13:21 498K 
[IMG]20 Prof Carol Weis.JPG2019-01-21 13:20 499K 
[IMG]02 Starting up.JPG2019-01-21 13:20 509K 
[IMG]28 Strings.JPG2019-01-21 13:20 521K 
[IMG]37 Still Working.JPG2019-01-21 13:20 523K 
[IMG]27 Details.JPG2019-01-21 13:20 526K 
[IMG]10 Three Hours Into It.JPG2019-01-21 13:20 531K 
[IMG]30 Junction Box.JPG2019-01-21 13:20 531K 
[IMG]34 Inverter Wiring.JPG2019-01-21 13:20 535K 
[IMG]46 Waiting for Watts.JPG2019-01-21 13:21 540K 
[IMG]39 Pulling the Wires.JPG2019-01-21 13:20 540K 
[IMG]21 Clarifying.JPG2019-01-21 13:20 542K 
[IMG]13 Sunny Girl Has Landed.JPG2019-01-21 13:20 547K 
[IMG]19 Connecting Modules.JPG2019-01-21 13:20 548K 
[IMG]36 Solar Girls at Work.JPG2019-01-21 13:20 562K 
[IMG]09 How Not to Lose A Finger.JPG2019-01-21 13:20 588K 
[IMG]07 Cutting up.JPG2019-01-21 13:20 590K 
[IMG]IMG_1802.JPG2019-01-21 13:21 599K 
[IMG]01 Thursday morning.JPG2019-01-21 13:20 609K 
[IMG]06 The Rails.JPG2019-01-21 13:20 611K 
[IMG]22 Carlos.JPG2019-01-21 13:20 613K 
[IMG]31 Sunny Girls.JPG2019-01-21 13:20 614K 
[IMG]04 The Sunny Girl.JPG2019-01-21 13:20 630K 
[IMG]11 Cutting the Rails.JPG2019-01-21 13:20 710K 
[IMG]24 All About the Array.JPG2019-01-21 13:20 716K 
[IMG]16 Straightening the Row.JPG2019-01-21 13:20 719K 
[IMG]18 Carlos Explains Quick Connects.JPG2019-01-21 13:20 720K 
[IMG]32 Hurry Up! It's Hot.JPG2019-01-21 13:20 726K 
[IMG]29 Modules.JPG2019-01-21 13:20 738K 
[IMG]15 Bolting the Modules.JPG2019-01-21 13:20 753K 
[IMG]33 Sunny Girls and Carlos.JPG2019-01-21 13:20 756K 
[IMG]25 Roof Lessons.JPG2019-01-21 13:20 774K 
[IMG]26 Connecting modules.JPG2019-01-21 13:20 804K 
[IMG]14 Up On The Roof.JPG2019-01-21 13:20 858K 
[IMG]17 A little to the Right.JPG2019-01-21 13:20 938K 

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